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Making Holidays Brighter With Special Gift to Sick Kids

The elves secretly organized it all. Yes, they did convene with the marvelous folks at Air Transat to see if reindeer really do fly, and once convinced, they knew what they wanted to do.

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Back To School Fall 2014 - Healthy Living For Kids With Type 1

Chelsey crosses finish line with Team Diabetes at Honolulu Marathon











Some 'feel good' news for families and their caregivers who have children living with T1 or Type One diabetes.  My daughter, Chelsey, was diagnosed 15 years ago this August, 2014, at the sweet age of 12.  It was a life-changing time in our life, fraught with unknowns. From daily care, nighttime routines and most especially - could I, or would I, trust that society would not let my girl down when I wasn't around to help her manage her blood sugars due to a pancreas that no longer functioned. 

Chelsey performing her duties at 2010 Olympics and Paralympics as a Victory Medal and Flower PresenterMoving from an easy-going childhood of schoolwork, sports and theatre with song and dance, and wonderful playtime with her special friends, to one in which Chelsey's every move was met against a rigerous routine of blood testing (up to ten pokes a day) and up to six - often 8 needles per day injected into my beautiful daughter's frail body, then matched up with carbohydrate and protein intake, was incredibly daunting. Yet, I can confidently share that within two years, as Chelsey made the transition from elementary school to high school, we nailed it...pretty much.

We were so fortunate to have been mentored by a group of gifted, highly-educated and caring medical professionals along the way.  No family or individual can learn to manage this wickedly jarring and often 'silent' disease - in that most T1 diabetics look 'normal' - on their own.  From Nurse Practioner, Doreen Hatton, to the Nutritionists and Nursing teams and the fabulous Drs'. Dan and Dina, we rallied and thrived. 

Today my inspiring daughter, Chelsey Allen, is a university Honours graduate who is undertaking a Holistic Nutrition Practioner designation after being in the working world for 3 years. She is still very active as an Ambassador with the Canadian Diabetes Association, having run the Honolulu Marathon with Team Diabetes where together, we raised over $10,000 for Kids Camp.  She mentors newly diagnosed youth through programs with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and she publishes her own blog, Miss Insulin.com here. And 15 years later, we are still in touch with the dynamic and passionate 'medical' caregiving team at BC Children's Hospital. 

This uplifting interview with Nurse Sharlene Hermon and Dr. Daniel Metzger brings some long anticipated positive news for families in British Columbia.

For more information please visit BC Children's Hospital, JDRF and Canadian Diabetes Association


Join Me As We Escape The Every Day...Down Route 66 In The USA!


An incredibly fun interview, due mainly to the two characters who joined me for this show.  If you work within Canada's tourism industry, you'll readily recognize and appreciate the antics between these very good friends...with each other, and with me.  No secrets in the studio...and this is only the first segment!


Ten Minutes With The Tenors...

Magnificent, inspiring, and so down-to-earth, The Tenors of Canada joined me in the studio at CKNW for a chat to discuss life on the road and how they stay well and happy, to memorable travel experiences of which some contributed to the beautiful sounds enjoyed by the launch of their new CD.  Learn more about their incredible work here.


The Tenors join Greg and I in the studio at CKNW


?Imash ?Imash - Welcome To Our Aboriginal & Eco Tour Services Booking Centre

Thursday, May 8th, business partners Candace Campo (xets'emits'a) of award-winning Talaysay Tours and Audry Lochrie of Talking Totem Tours opened the doors to the first location of Aboriginal & Eco Tours Booking Centre.  Proudly located in the Visitor Centre of Sechelt, on the spectacular Sunshine Coast, the central booking outlet provides a means of reserving and purchasing - on the spot, or online - soft adventure tours of kayaking, boat charters and guided hikes, plus arts and cultural tours and accommodations anywhere along the Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Lund.

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